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Press Release – Toyzilla to Cause Massive Mayhem on 60 million iPads!

Singapore,  SG   Sept 27, 2012 “Toyzilla” is a new App in the store and it is a freemium targeting at some 60 million iPad gamers. The game is made specially… Read more»

Toyzilla Story Trailer is out!

Toyzilla Story Trailer is on YouTube! If you like the Story Trailer, please follow us in facebook. Thanks!

Tit-For-Tat Strategy in iPad Game Toyzilla is the Winning Formula

Singapore,  SG  Aug 17, 2012 in Games OrionArts Pte Ltd is adopting a tit-for-tat strategy in their upcoming iPad game, Toyzilla, in order keep its players hooked to the game…. Read more»

About Toyzilla

In case you are wondering what we are working on in OrionArts… It’s a new game called Toyzilla! Well, let’s just say it was inspired by Angry Birds, and no,… Read more»

AirHead Adam Halloween Update!

A huge update for Halloween!