Orion Arts


Available on iPad 2 and above - Action, Strategy

  • Toyzilla 02
  • Toyzilla 03
  • Toyzilla 01

The Toyzilla has been unleashed!

Wait a minute… What is a Toyzilla? A Monster? A Dragon? Some kind of new Pokemon?

Well, it’s a little of everything all rolled into one! Simply put, it’s a Toy + Godzilla with destructive skills! And the best part is… These destructive little monsters are at your command! Cuteā€¦ but Deadly. Collect them all and you can conquer the world! So get ready, raise your finger and prepare for battle!


  • Build and customize your own levels with towers and traps!
  • Strategise your defenses to protect your Royal Family (You will lose the match if they are defeated!)
  • Upload your work and have friends and random players challenge it!
  • Switch around and control adorable Toyzilla troops to destroy other player’s fortress!
  • Aim for total destruction to win BIG!
  • 15+ adorable Toyzillas to collect with unique destructive skills
  • 30+ levels for single player challenge
  • Daily gifts and bonuses