Orion Arts

AirHead Adam

Available on: iOS - Action, Arcade

  • AirHead Adam 02
  • AirHead Adam 01

AirHead needs your help!

Right after the Almighty one created the first 2 humans, Adam was abducted by curious aliens! Although Adam broke out of the alien’s spaceship, he was left stranded in space. AirHead Adam will need all the help he can get to find his way home and reunite with his one true love!

Play as the Almighty One, and join Airhead Adam in an action adventure rippling across galaxies! Collect glittering stars while boosting through space with power-ups. Manoeuvre pass dangerous obstacles to survive the journey! Thumb tapping can be addictive!


  • 14 Crazy Costumes/Alter Egos, each with their own stats
  • 3 difficulties, 9 planets, unlimited Exploration mode and 2 Event modes.
  • Event Mode for endless free updates
  • Dodge and navigate through challenging levels.
  • Engage Aliens, Spaceships, Ghosts, Witches, sharks, electric eels, sasquatch and even the Grim Reaper
  • Upgrade Adam’s power ups with stars amassed through your adventures!
  • Beautiful galaxy themed graphics!
  • Accumulate combos to boost your scores!