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Toyzilla Evolution

Available on: iOS - Action, Strategy

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  • Toyzilla Evolution 02
  • Toyzilla Evolution

∞ Incubating ∞

Toyzilla Evolution is a whole new epic adventure that combines

  • Fast-paced Arcade Action!
  • Boss Battles!
  • Monster Pet Collection and Training!
  • and of course… Strategic Building and Attacking!

Toyzilla Evolution is a ramped up edition of Toyzilla, and as the name “Evolution” suggests, you can expect our adorable Toyzillas to transform into something even BIGGER and BETTER!

Here’s what’s coming to Toyzilla Evolution at a glance:

  • 10 Worlds with Breathtaking Backgrounds and Bosses
  • 100+ Toyzillas to be collected
  • 300 unique levels
  • EVOLVE or even SUMMON a Toyzilla as you level up!
  • “Fun Kits” to juice up your Fortress Defense and toy with your Attackers
  • Gain a little “unfair” advantage in battle if you know how to wield your knowledge of “Elements”
  • Co-op with friends in Boss Battles Events
  • Cut scenes with interesting characters to entertain you in between levels
  • Available on your iPhones, iPod Touch (FINALLY!) and iPads

For updates on Toyzilla Evolution’s progress, check out www.facebook.com/Toyzilla!

See you soon!