Petagon: Rise of the Dragonlord

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows & Mac - Action, Strategy

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Petagon’s story starts in the thick of war between the people of Ebion and the Goblins.

In a bid to end the war quickly, our hero decides to lead an elite force into the heart of a fabled and dangerous enchanted forest to take down the Goblin King. And it is only then when the real threat started revealing itself.

The journey unfolds across 3 realms filled with magic, charms and mystical creatures among many other weird and wonderful things. Enemies can be transformed to Allies and Dragons be tamed to aid in your quest. Be warned however, that without tactical planning, even powerful allies cannot guarantee you victory.

Deploy your troops, cast spells and unleash special abilities in a timely manner to counter the enemies and their ambushes. Your trusty comrades and their sometimes petty but funny conversations will get you through the drudgery of most battles. You may survive, but only if you use your wits in this Action Strategy game.


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