Orion Arts


Available on: iOS - Action, Shooter


 Holy mother of dragons! ✦

Embark on a single player roller-coaster-joyride filled with dangerous monsters and obstacles as your skill and finesse is put to the test. The world of Hyperia is beset upon by rampaging monsters. Take flight on your trusted Wind Drake and battle against monstrous enemies to defend Hyperia!

Course through 5 different realms in Hyperia across 15 hand-crafted stages where every stage ends with a climactic boss battle. Defeat the Colossal Overbeasts to unlock more Wind Drakes. Each new Wind Drake comes with its own unique and powerful perk!

Galerider offers a fresh take on the rail-shooter genre by combining homing attacks with the ability to dodge danger while flying at high speeds. This adrenaline pumping, thumb-aching, eye-watering joy ride is available on the iOS App Store.

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  • 15 stages from 5 different locations
  • 15 boss and sub-boss battles
  • 5 Wind Drakes to choose from
  • 15 different types of monsters to encounter
  • Awesome graphics rendered in Unreal Engine
  • Action intensive gameplay
  • Backup game data on iCloud
  • Play on iPhone and iPad
  • English, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Traditional) & Chinese (Simplified) language enabled.