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Super Cake Boss for Tango

* Do I need to install Tango App to play Super Cake Boss?

No you don’t need to. However, if you link up your Super Cake Boss game with a Tango account, you will get free Gems and we will back up your game to our server to prevent loss of data.

* How can I transfer my Save Game to a new device?

Yes. If you have linked up your Super Cake Boss with a Tango account. Your game will be backed up, and you can transfer to the new device by the following steps.

Old Device
* Install Super Cake Boss
* Install Tango App
* Link up Super Cake Boss with Tango (If linked up is done correctly, you will see a buddy code in settings page)
* The game will do a backup every day or you make an IAP transaction

New Device, after the above is done
* Install Tango App, sign in to your Tango account
* Install Super Cake Boss
* When game starts, you will need to play tutorial level 1, and upon returning to main scene, you will be prompted with a page where you choose between “Local Device” or “Server” Save game.
* Choose “Server” Save game

You are advised to contact us if you are not sure about the process. We will be happy to assist you.

* How can I get Higher Score?

Mega Bake is the way to get higher score! And Mega Bake during Baking Fever gets 5x Score!

* How can I make more Mega Bakes?

Mega Bakes needs to be set up. In later stages, you will need to use “Mix Chain” to clear unwanted ingredients to set up for Mega Bakes.

* My game is not running smoothly

Please close other apps running at the same time as Super Cake Boss, as this can have a significant impact on the performance of the game.

On Android, you can try clearing the cache (not data).

* How can I restore my In-App Purchases?

You can restore purchases in “Settings” page.

The following Non-consumable In-App Purchases can be restored
- Baking Buddy
- Super Baker
- Mega Baker
- Bot Jammer
- 2nd Chance


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